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A Place at the Table

A new documentary being released today (March 1) about the state of hunger in the United States.  Check it out on iTunes, On Demand, or in a theater (that might be) near you.

A Place at the Table

A Place at the Table

Two key statistics:

Half of all children in the United States will at some point in their childhood receive food assistance.

85 percent of all households in the United States receiving SNAP benefits have at least one working adult.

Check out the Bread for the World webpage about this film, and check out their blog on how you can advocate for change to help those who suffer hunger.


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2 thoughts on “A Place at the Table

  1. Excellent movie, though quite disturbing. Our church watched the movie, then participated in Bread for the World’s “Offering of Letters”, asking our legislators to preserve and expand nutrition programs. The ‘hungry’ do NOT deserve it. Food is a basic human right.

  2. Interesting. We will have to find this one around. I can 100% see that these stats are true. We were on benefits at one point (We have a 2 year old) and my hubby is the main worker, I just started working part time.
    It’s very, very common. We can only hope it gets better.

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